DJ Soul Buck aka Mr. Street Sickness
One of  Dirty Jersey's turntable hell raisers Mr. Street Sickness is the man's aka and Dj Soul Buck is his name. A DJ true to form with a new school twist Dj Soul Buck knows how to keep the momentum going in a party. As well as raise the temperture by keeping the party in motion. He's also the DJ for C Knowledge The Doodlebug of Digable Planets and recently toured in Canada with them. You can catch Mr. Street Sickness doing his thing on the airwaves in his own back yard in New Jersey on The IIourShow on WNJC 1360 am Mondays 8PM-10PM. Also check out Dj Soul Buck spinning at THORTakeOver's events and more. You will be entertained when you listen to Mr Street Sickness display his love for the craft on his 1 and 2's. Beginning Tuesay 2/12/13 you can check out DJ SoulBuck with his new show Street Sickness on from 10PM-12AM and on from 1AM-3AM every Tuesday/early Wednesday.